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Want to know when my next new novel is released? What I am writing, what I've been up to or when I am running a special?

I am a multi-genre author and have written some amazing stories.

So if you enjoy total horror, fantasy, drama, zombie books or just apocalypse stories, I'm the author to follow...

Peter Meredith is LinkedIn

Looking to connect with screenwriters or movie producers...I've got the next big hit!

YES...I Also Twitter

I am trying to expand more into the different social networking, but it isn't easy when I have little time, and really have trouble figuring out what I can share that I'm not already being posted here or on Facebook... But if you are interested: or click the photo.

New Release! The Apocalypse Sacrifice, Book 10: Available in Paperback & eBook

It is finally here!...The conclusion to Peter Meredith's Best Seller 10 book Series.The Apocalypse Sacrifice, The Undead World, Book 10. With people fleeing the valley in droves and Estes no longer the safe haven it had once been, Neil Martin must make some hard choices. His group has dwindled to seventy homeless refugees who have very little left to survive on. They desperately need to find a place to call home before their many enemies realize how defenseless they truly are. To find out the what happens to the infamous Jillybean, Sadie, Neil and the rest of their group, click the photo above or the link below to purchase and begin reading... Purchase on Amazon:

Peter Meredith Swag Shop

Autographed Collectible Items & More! *Autographed Novels, T-Shirts & Posters *Dragon and Zombie Pens *Car Window Decals *Swag Bag Gift Sets Start Shopping:

In Your Hands in Just a Couple Days!

The Apocalypse Sacrifice: The Undead World, Book 10 Yes, that is will be yours in just a couple of days! Pre-order now:

Denver Comic Con is Fast Approaching!

DENVER COMIC CON: June 30-July 2, 2017!! HAVE YOU PURCHASED YOUR TICKETS?... Peter Meredith will be attending this year selling and signing books, posters, t-shirts and other items at his table. It's also a great time to dress up in costume! Colorado Convention Center, downtown Denver TICKETS ARE ON SALE: Hope to see you there!


Day 4 is where the world's destiny teeters between a nuclear holocaust and a victory by the hordes of undead, with only a brave few individuals in a position to rewrite what looks like a certain horrible future.

Peter Will Be in L.A. This October!

Peter Meredith will be attending the 2017 Los Angeles Comic Con!! Peter will be selling and signing autographed books, autographed t-shirts and other collectible merchandise at his table. Come by to meet the author and add to your Peter Meredith book collection! *Bring your already purchased books to be signed as well.

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You can now purchase Peter Meredith memorabilia and collectibles on the new online Swag Shop! *Autographed T-Shirts *Autographed Novels *Autographed Posters *Zombie Bumper Stickers & Window Decals *Dragon & Unicorn Window Decals * Bookmarks, Pens & so much more! CHECK US OUT:

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