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Want to know when my next new novel is released? What I am writing, what I've been up to or when I am running a special?

I am a multi-genre author and have written some amazing stories.

So if you enjoy total horror, fantasy, drama, zombie books or just apocalypse stories, I'm the author to follow...

BLACK FRIDAY SALE STARTS NOW! Trilogy of The Void (Complete Boxed Set Series)

Trilogy of The Void, By Peter Meredith (Complete Kindle Boxed Set Series)Was $5.99...NOW $0.99 cents! A possessed girl, her suicidal father and a priest who gouges his own eyes out--What do you do when an exorcism goes truly bad and blood flows like water? The only thing Adrina can do is burn the bodies, pray that the demon won't return, and act like the night never happened. But these things don't go away, not so easily, not without a fight, and especially not when there are more warm bodies to play in. When Commander William Jern and his wife Gayle are given an opportunity to move out of their cramped apartment and into one of the spacious Colonial homes on the Village Green, they jum

BLACK FRIDAY SALE STARTS NOW! The Hidden Land Trilogy (Complete Boxed Set Series)

The Hidden Land Trilogy, By Peter Meredith (Complete Kindle Boxed Set Series)Was $5.99...NOW $0.99 cents! By all logic, Ella should not have magical abilities—she was born in Idaho of all places. But once she's swept off her feet by the mysterious Eireden, this average American girl finds herself thrown into a perilous adventure that will push her to find the source of her hidden magic. Only once she does, her life takes a terrifying turn as she becomes enmeshed in a deadly, magical game where lives and hidden kingdoms hang in the balance and where no one asks who she is, instead they wonder what she is. ⬇️GRAB YOUR BOXED SET NOW⬇️ *Pricing U.S. pricing. Due to exchange rates, sale pricing m

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