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Want to know when my next new novel is released? What I am writing, what I've been up to or when I am running a special?

I am a multi-genre author and have written some amazing stories.

So if you enjoy total horror, fantasy, drama, zombie books or just apocalypse stories, I'm the author to follow...

FREE NOVEL FOR 3 DAYS ONLY! The Apocalypse Undead World, Novel 1

The Apocalypse Undead World, Novel 1 By Peter Meredith Available on Kindle Greed, terrorism, and simple bad luck conspire to bring mankind to its knees as a viral infection spreads out of control, reducing those infected to undead horrors that feed upon the rest. It's a time of misery and death for most, however, there are some who are lucky, some who are ruthless, and some who are just too damned tough to go down without a fight. This is their story. ⬇️Click the tab below to get your copy⬇️


Dead Eye Hunt: Into the Rad Lands, Book 2 By Peter Meredith Available on Kindle When Cole’s luck goes bad, it’s chained to the wall, missing fingers, pissing blood into a bucket bad. And his luck had never been worse. Of course, this time his bad luck is his own fault. No one says no to the mob and walks away unscathed. It’s a hard and fast rule that Cole learns the hard way when he’s set up for murder and forced to backstab the girl he loves: Ashley Tinsley. And he can’t even do that right. Before Cole knows it, he’s caught up in a power play and everyone has their hooks in him. The mob wants his head, the police want to string him up by the neck, the city vamps want to grind him unde

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