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Want to know when my next new novel is released? What I am writing, what I've been up to or when I am running a special?

I am a multi-genre author and have written some amazing stories.

So if you enjoy total horror, fantasy, drama, zombie books or just apocalypse stories, I'm the author to follow...

My Facebook Fan Club Hit 1,500 Members!

🎊IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE FOLKS! 🎉 I have thousands of followers in various groups of social media and I love everyone. We decided to start a new Fan Club group to slowly move all my followers over to one place and help new readers find us so we can chat, post and discuss together. In just a few short months, we have consistently seen growth and today we hit 1,500! It is a great group with many active members/readers/fans and I am proud to share it with you. Please come check us out and be a part of a fun!

Peter Meredith Facebook Interview with Zombiepalooza Radio Live

Authors Supporting Authors: Javan Bonds For those who missed the interview last night, but would like to still watch it. My interview starts approximately at 1:07:00 mark, but feel free to watch from the beginning. 😉 Click image or link below to watch:

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