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Peter Meredith Novel: The Apocalypse War, The Undead World Novel 7

What the readers say about The Apocalypse War:
"This is one of the best series of I have EVER read!! I absolutely LOVED the writing! The characters were so complex and I really felt I was right with them throughout their trials and tribulations. I would and have recommended this series to others and they love it as well."

"This book was the most fantastic book so far. I really feel sorry for Jillybean and think she is the most exciting character I've ever read about. I feel I know her personally."

Peter Meredith Novel: Sprite

What the readers say about Sprite:

"I fell in love with her. I cried when she cried, and laughed when she laughed,

and hurt at her every predicament.


"...the heart rending story of a little girl in a cruel world...yet she never stops looking for love and happiness."

"...sometimes it hurt my heart to continue, but I couldn't stop."

What the readers say about The Apocalypse Crusade III:

"One of the best zombie books written. I've read a ton of them and

this ranks near the top. Can't go wrong with this book.." 

"Loved this book, keeps you interested"

"This trilogy was quite a ride. It was non-stop excitement and had

me turning pages well into the night. "

Peter Meredith Novel: An Illusion of Hell: The Trilogy of The Void Book 2

What the readers say about An Illusion of Hell:
"This is one book that I couldn't put down.!!!" 

"I have really enjoyed this series of books. This family so brave and courageous. Mr. Meredith is a fantastic writer.

Can't wait to start the next one."

"I actually found portions of this book horrifying, which for me, is pretty uncommon. It is probably on my top 5 list of most disturbing horror books. I consider that quite an accomplishment on the part of the author."

Peter Meredith Novel: The Blood Lure, The Hidden Land Book 1

What the readers say about The Blood Lure:

"A beautiful love story..." 

"I thought I was done with the whole "love triangle" business, but The Blood Lure brings it back nicely." 

"Meredith spins a magical, adventurous tale of love that hits home..."

Peter Meredith Novel: Tales From The Butcher's Block

What the readers say about Tales From The Butcher's Block:

"It's a good book for those of us who love horror! I would recommend it to my friends. Keep writing Peter!

"Peter Meredith has done it again! All of the stories in this collection are gripping and exciting til the end." 

"Not normally a short story reader, but I will read ANYTHING Peter Meredith writes. He is THAT good! Gritty and doesn't pull any punches. Just love this guy."

Peter Meredith Novel: The Sacrificial Daughter

What the readers say about The Sacrificial Daughter:

"If you want a fantastic story about a girl with guts, this is it." 

"A powerful, emotional book. The story builds along with Jesse's suffering

until I just wanted to chuck the book at the wall and punch the first

human I come across..." 

"Emotionally, it's a study in loneliness executed with power I haven't seen since Ender's Game (and maybe not even then)."

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