The nights are long and cold. The days are endlessly silent, except when the monsters sniff out a survivor. Then the screams drill into your ears and the grinding sounds of teeth on bone is enough to drive a little girl to madness.


In the beginning there were sleepovers and best friends and pizza on Fridays. Then the monsters came. First it’s the human monsters, raping, murdering and stealing everything they can get their hands on.
Then come the real monsters and survival is no longer a matter of luck. To survive the dead, a little girl has to become something else. She has to become more than human while at the same time she has to sink into depravity that’s beyond the bounds of society.
Within this book are four stories of survival that paint a picture of true madness coupled with raw innocence and a breathtaking genius.
The origin of Jillybean has been shrouded in mystery, until now.
This book contains four Novellas:
The Courage to Survive
The Witch: Jillybean in the Undead World
The First Giants
The Apocalypse Origin

AudioBook-The Apocalypse Origin: Undead World, Novel 12

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