The Demon is Back...and Will Jern, the man who banished it eight years ago is called upon again, to pit himself against the fiend. 
With the lives of five children at stake and time running out to save them, Will must find Luke, the man responsible for bringing the demon back, all the while battling a foe that is quite beyond him, not the demon, but his own sister.
Despite all the sacrifices to save her from the demon, 8 years previously, Talitha Jern came back from her time in hell, changed. At once, she is the sweet innocent sister that he has always loved, however she is also a diabolical beauty, cruel, devious, and powerful as well with physical capabilities that are unmatched. 
Talitha is also after Luke, not to save any useless children, but to further her own ends and Will must kill her first if he is going to have any chance against the demon.


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Autographed-An Illusion of Hell, The Trilogy of The Void Novel, Book 2

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