The world is suddenly thrown into chaos as a research project is sabotaged and the dead come alive to feast on the living--it seems like an old story, doesn't it? Or perhaps you've read this one: cities worldwide are overrun by a plague of man-eating monsters that seem to come out of no where while small bands of heroes fight for their lives! 
  Yes, we've all read that book. 
  The Apocalypse Crusade is not that book. You are not suddenly thrust into a world gone mad. Instead, you get front row seats to how the sh*t went down. In real time you are witness to the agony and the horror...and the terrible stupidity that made it all possible. 
  This book puts you in the thick of the action. You are the stock broker who throws a brick through a convenience store window and surges in with the crowd to loot what he can before it's too late and the food runs out. And you are the thirty-year-old housewife who picks up that same brick an hour later and uses it to crack open the skull of a stranger because she has two children to feed. His arms are full and hers are empty--survival is just that simple sometimes. 
  You are the ill-prepared family man who foolishly believes the authorities when they say the situation is contained. The line at the gas station is three miles long, wrapping around block after block and so, in a state of denial you go home and play a game of monopoly with the wife and kids as the horde of undead grows and grows all around you. After all, the TV man says everything is going to be okay.
And you are the soldier on the line, sweating beneath your helmet and vest. At ten that morning you were a cocky thing. You were going to kick ass--but that was then. Now, twelve hours later, you've retreated four times and you are counting your bullets and eyeing the gas mask sitting on the log next to you. 
You hate the thing. You can't see worth a damn when it's on and you sure as hell can't shoot straight. But to leave it off could mean becoming infected. On the other hand, you know that if you miss just one time you could be eaten alive, screaming and screaming. It happened to your friend Davis and his cries still ring in your ears. 
  The mask stays on the log and the headache you've had for the last hour really starts to thump and your mouth begins to tastes like ass and your vision has gone blurry and you're starting to get a strange hunger...


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