And he lived happily ever after. For just the briefest time, Will Jern thought there could be a chance at the perfect fairy tale ending to his troubles. Only he discovers that there is a stranger in his home and that his wife is being held captive by a witch bent on vengeance. A witch desperately in need of a soul.

And she lived happily ever after to the end of her days. These are the words that Talitha Jern wishes to be applied to her headstone someday, but it will never happen. Heaven is for those whose hands aren't stained with the blood of loved ones. It's for those whose ears don't still ring with their screams. When the demon that possessed her was banished back to the Void, it left behind the gift that keeps on giving: memories. Now Talitha can see herself as she murdered and maimed for all those years. Soon she can't tell which memories are of her making and which came from the demon. It's enough to drive a person crazy.
And they all lived happily ever after. Not for a moment did Katie Jern believe this; she knew her family was good and cursed. At the age of six, she saw the demon, and peered with innocent eyes through the gate into Hell. Her eyes are innocent no more. They are guarded lest anyone can look past her perky features and see the raging paranoia beneath. But at least she gets the answer to the question that all paranoids ask: Am I paranoid enough?
Not nearly.


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Autographed-Hell Blade, The Trilogy of The Void Novel, Book 3

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