Her name is Odd. 
Twelve-year-old Audrey Wyatt bears the unfortunate nickname "Odd," a name even her bar-hopping, alcoholic mother uses when she's sober enough to recognize the girl. Cowed by life, Odd doesn't protest, not when she's deformed as she is.
Born with a combination of rare birth defects, Odd's eyes are a startling and dreadful red. Demon eyes is the first thought that springs to mind. The little girl takes care to hide them behind dark sunglasses, something her mother insists on, except when she's trading freak-show peeks for dollars or drinks. A practice that is a nightly torture for Odd.
Yet when her mother abandons her, Odd discovers that loneliness and fear of the unknown are far worse than being a freak. Desperate for the least love, and without a cent to her name, the girl with red eyes begins a quest through the American underclass that takes her halfway across the country. Odd thinks her adventure is a search for her mother, but in truth it's a journey into the soul of humanity, where she discovers along the way everything that is both ugly and beautiful in each of us.

What the readers say about Sprite:
"I fell in love with her. I cried when she cried, and laughed when she laughed, and hurt at her every predicament.

"...the heart rending story of a little girl in a cruel world...yet she never stops looking for love and happiness."

"...sometimes it hurt my heart to continue, but I couldn't stop."


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