Tales of horror from one of the masters of the genre. Peter Meredith delivers stories that will keep you devouring them one after another. From the Pen—a gift that just keeps on killing, to The Eyes in the Storm—a beast that feeds on those who dare to go out when nature is at its cruelest, to The Haunting at Red Feathers—a true haunting that has the young couple trapped in the woods with a demonic presence, begging: "Don't let the night catch me here!"
Seven tales in all come from the Butcher’s Block and that includes The Witch: Jillybean in the Undead World.
What is more terrifying than a mad woman who is snatching up the children of Rippling, Missouri in order to breed the perfect zombie? A seven year old girl with fly-away brown hair and a gift for destruction.


What the readers say about Tales From The Butcher’s Block: 
"No frills, just raw and earnest fear." 

"Fun and scary, it will have you turning the pages to see if she gets it in the end..." 

"This has everything I love in a good story: interesting characters, vivid details, solid pacing, and a unique, fascinating premise."


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