With people fleeing the valley in droves and Estes no longer the safe haven it had once been, Neil Martin must make some hard choices. His group has dwindled to seventy homeless refugees who have very little left to survive on. They desperately need to find a place to call home before their many enemies realize how defenseless they truly are.
   Instead of risking everything on a blind thrust across the Rockies to the Pacific, Neil sends out three picked teams to not only find a safe passage through the mountains but to also find a community that will take them in. Captain Grey is the obvious choice to lead one team, but is Sadie really the person to take charge of another?
   She is a capable leader, a survivor, and a veteran of dozens of battles, but can she control the schizophrenic eight-year-old who won't leave her side even when the blood starts to run and the voices scream in her head?
   And what happens when their mission is balanced on the knife's edge with disaster on either side and Jillybean a second from going nuclear. Will Sadie be able to make the hardest of sacrifices for the sake of her family? Or will she let love get in the way?


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Autographed-The Apocalypse Sacrifice, The Undead World, Novel 10

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