Eighteen months have passed since New York City was destroyed and Jack Dreyden is still criss-crossing the nation, going after stray demons, only he isn’t taking them on as a necromancer dealing in the currency of stolen souls. No, Jack is battling as a sorcerer using his own soul to power spells that he is just beginning to master.
Jack thinks that he is the hunter, hot on the trail of his cousin, Robert Montgomery, but in truth, he is being played, maneuvered into ever more dangerous traps and pitted against every sort of outlandish creature that can be found beyond the gates of hell. 
Robert wants him out of the way so that he can be free to go after something huge, a relic out of forgotten history. A weapon that will tip the scales in his direction and make him an equal to the Gods of the Undead. 
And only Jack has any chance to stop him. Blood, death, destiny, and the ultimate sacrifice bring Jack to the edge of temptation. The darkest temptation.


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Autographed-The Punished Novel

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