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Join Peter's 1st Beta Reader's Book Club!

We are taking the “job” of Beta Reader to another level to make it more fun & personal by creating a CLUB! The concept of this great club is for a selective group of fans to be able to interact with Peter on a more personal level and to feel like a part of the creative process in Peter’s upcoming zombie apocalypse novel Generation Z, Book 3! 📚🎉⭐



If you decide to participate, you will be a charter member of an exclusive and private Beta Readers’ Club. ✍️ We’d like to think of it as a fun fiction adventure! 📚😁🧟‍♀️

If you are very interested: 1. Please read the requirements below.

2. You also must have read book 1 & 2 (when it is released).

3. Please go to Peter Meredith's Fan Club Page and send us a private message requesting to apply:

4. Deadline for Applicants no later than: Saturday, April 14, 2018 @ 9pm

We will be limiting the number of approved members, so ONLY SERIOUS READERS/APPLICANTS PLEASE! THANK YOU!! 👏

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