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New Kindle Release: Escape Room 303

A Novella By Peter Meredith

The hotel hides its secrets well... From the outside there’s nothing to suggest that within it lies a maze of sinister traps, deadly puzzles and the rotting corpses of twenty-six women. Michelle Stewart is supposed to be number twenty-seven. She wakes into a living nightmare, though at first she doesn’t realize that anything is wrong. Her suitcase sits neatly next to the bed, just like she left it, and her shoes are parked in front of the closet exactly how she always places them when traveling so she won’t forget them in the morning. But something is definitely wrong. The air feels different. It feels thick and close as if there’s no flow to it. And her cellphone is dead, a sin that she never allows to happen. And when she turns on the television, all she gets is one channel which shows only a digital timer set for 60:00...

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