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NEW RELEASE: IN KINDLE!! 🚨📙🎉 Jillybean's First Adventure: An Undead World Expansion

Apocalypse, Undead World Fans...Your voices have been heard! You asked for more Jillybean adventures & Peter Meredith listened. This is the first novella of an upcoming series starring Jillybean and Ipes. These side adventures occurred randomly throughout the first 10 book series. If you have not read the 10 original novels, you will be confused!

When the apocalypse hits and nearly wipes out humanity, the survivors band together in little knots, fighting desperately to stay alive. All except one forgotten child. Six-year-old Jillybean has been alone for months with "monsters" prowling endlessly around her house...

LEARN MORE: Amazon US: Click this link

Amazon Canada: Click this link

Amazon UK: Click this link

Amazon Australia: Click this link

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