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NEW RELEASE: Generation Z, Book 3 in Audible!

The war carries on, spiraling out of control…

Savage fighting rages from one end of the bay to the other as the still dangerous Corsairs, splinter into factions, each battling to see who will end up in ultimate control. Trapped in the middle of the bay on a little nub of an island, Jenn Lockhart and her shattered defenders can only watch helplessly, knowing full well that they will be the eventual prize. Their men will be murdered, their wounded thrown into the bay to drown, and their women brutally raped before being sold into slavery.

Click Links Below to Learn More About Book 3 on Amazon: U.S. Link CA Link

UK Link AU Link

"Meredith does a great job developing new characters. Jillybean character is one of most memorable in apocalypse genre."

"If Zombie agnst and Apocalypse survival is your cup of tea this book delivers!"

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