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NEW RELEASE: GENERATION Z: The Queen Enslaved, Book 5

Available in Kindle! 📣💻📱🎉

By Peter Meredith

With Jillybean enslaved by the Black Captain, the Corsairs reign supreme in every facet of the war. Gunner is cornered with a small, badly trained and ill-equipped force in the Olympic Mountains. Emily Grey finds herself lost and alone, hunted by a thousand Corsairs in the middle of their territory. Neil Martin discovers the hard way that being a zombie is actually not a helpful trait for a leader. And Deanna Grey is arrested and faces execution for a murder she had only thought about committing. Finally, Stu Currans and Troy Holt are white knights stranded in the hell that is the Corsair’s Lair. They faced insurmountable odds getting in and now discover there is no getting out.





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