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The Apocalypse Crusade, Day 5 Now Available on Audible!!

The Apocalypse Crusade, Day 5

By Peter Meredith

Five days in the grinder. Five days of endless pain and no sleep. Five days of the hardest work imaginable—it’s the work of surviving and not one second of it has been easy. This is the story of how the world ends as we know it. It’s the story of the apocalypse. It’s the story of how we lost. The fifth day begins in a bloody fight that stretches across the globe because, as you will see, the consuming hate, the greedy hunger, and violent anger found in the zombies was not instilled in them by the infection. No, these traits were already there even before they turned. These are human traits and they are never more apparent than when our backs are against the wall. From the Staten Island kindergarten teacher, to the Armenian plumber, to the Chinese shoe salesman, all the things that makes zombies so terrible is a part of who we are. Those of us who can fight against these urges are called the good guys. There’s very few of us left at the beginning of day five and by the end…well, you will have to see for yourself if there are any good guys left when the clock strikes midnight on humanity.

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