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NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-SALE!  Generation Z, Book 6: The Queen Unchained

NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-SALE! Generation Z, Book 6: The Queen Unchained By Peter Meredith In the thrilling conclusion to Generation Z, The Queen Unchained transports us to a world filled with zombies that are unlike any we have ever experienced before.

But there are worse things than the undead.

The Black Captain emerges victorious at every turn.

To the south, Jenn Lockhart begins her reign as queen, isolated and vulnerable. The signs all point to a coming invasion, and yet she has a fleet that consists of only one ship and an army that’s made up of broken ex-whores, a handful of children, and a few cowardly men who haven’t run away only because they were afraid to leave.

To the north, assassins and spies haunt the island of Bainbridge, turning the people against the idea of war and undercutting the leadership of Governor Deanna Grey at every turn. Her people cling in desperation to the idea that maybe the Corsairs can be reasoned with and that war can be avoided. Deanna knows it’s the hope of fools.

And in the middle of the Corsair lair is Jillybean, naked, chained, and collared like a dog. Although she’s able to withstand the barbaric tortures inflicted on her, she breaks mentally, physically and emotionally when the people she swore to protect are horribly mutilated in front of her. Now, it’s not just her body that’s enslaved, it’s her mind as well. And hers is a mind that can overcome every enemy.

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