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Dead Eye Hunt: A Post Apocalypse Adventure, Book 1

By Peter Meredith

Available on Kindle, Paperback & Audible

With zombie hordes swallowing the earth, mankind had no choice except to launch every nuke on the planet to stop them. Now, 150 years later, we live in over-crowded polluted cities, surrounded by vast radioactive wastelands. And no, we did not get all the zombies. They live among us, sometimes hiding in plain sight. Although the tattoos and piercings help them blend in, and the drugs help to contain their rage, they can never fully control their hunger. It's endless. When they give in and people go missing and partially eaten corpses start turning up, the Dead-Eye hunters are called in to clean up the mess. Their job is to keep up the charade that we're safe. They do it for a price. In this world, money talks. Cash is king. Cole Younger knows that better than anyone, and he is hot on the trail of his next buck when he discovers that the tables have been turned. He's not hunting Dead-Eyes, they are hunting him.

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