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HORROR OF THE SHADE: The Trilogy of The Void, Book 1

By Peter Meredith FREE KINDLE BOOK March 13 & 14

If you loved The Shining, don't miss one of the scariest books ever written... A possessed girl, her suicidal father, and a priest who gouges his own eyes out--What do you do when an exorcism goes truly bad and blood flows like water? The only thing Adrina can do is burn the bodies, pray that the demon won't return, and act as if the night never happened. But these things don't go away, not so easily, not without a fight, and especially not when there are more warm bodies to play in.  When Commander William Jern and his wife Gayle are given an opportunity to move out of their cramped apartment and into one of the spacious Colonial homes on the Village Green, they jump at the chance. Only the Jern's new dream home quickly becomes an icy nightmare, as death stalks them relentlessly. It comes unheralded out of the night, latching itself into William's sixteen-year-old daughter. Now, William must face terrors beyond imagination in order to save his daughter whose body has become a frozen vessel for a horror summoned out of the great Void.  With the help of his son, Will, a boy struggling to find the courage to be a man, and Adrina, now an old woman who has foreseen the terrifying manner in which she will die, William undergoes the ultimate test of how far a father will go to save his child.  ...What the readers say about The Horror of the Shade: "If you love a ghost story that goes beyond the paranormal then you will love this book..."

"Fun and scary, it will have you turning the pages right to the end..." Mark Tufo, author of the Zombie Fallout series.

"From the first chapter, I was hooked. Creepy!!!"

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